CallOrange Career Opportunity

Be your own bossA great career  opportunity with:

  1. NO training fee,
  2. NO franchise or business opportunity fee,
  3. NO employees to manage, and
  4. NO need to look for new clients.

ALL customers provided. You can make over $75,000 a year!

How’s this possible?

We got the customers, but we need help providing the service.

How come we are not hiring employees?

Because we are looking for people that want to own their own business with the advantages and commitment of owning a business.


We are a promotion company of locksmith, alarms, and home automation services. We have been around since 2008, and passed over 20,000 jobs to techs last year and are growing. We need your help.

We want to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to provide a superb customer experience.
You will provide locksmith, alarms and home automation services. You will need:

  1. The ability/flexibility to travel,
  2. The desire to learn,
  3. Basic technical skills,
  4. Customer service skills,
  5. Good driving record, and
  6. Willingness to provide services on nights and weekends.

For more information: FIRST, email us then call us:

  1. Email us your basic information to:

  2. Call 480-238-2140


* Officially, this is not a business opportunity because you are not required to pay any business opportunity, franchise or training fees. Please review the contract for exact terms and conditions.

Interested in this career opportunity?

Want to become part of our team?

EMAIL your info to, and then CALL: 480-238-2140

CallOrange Career Opportunity