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How to become a CallOrange locksmith, alarm & home automation technician

CallOrange is currently expanding our service area and is looking for locksmith and alarm installation technicians to partner with as independent contractors. CallOrange has the customers we now need technicians that can do the work and provide excellent customer services. We have been around since 2008 and are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. We are expecting to pass over 20,000 jobs to tech this year and we are growing. We need your help!

Steps and FAQs to becoming a CallOrange locksmith, alarm & home automation technician:


Locksmith Technicians
Be your own boss in a fast growing industry

Be your own boss

CallOrange is not looking to hire technicians as just employees making a low hourly rate or salary. We’re looking for candidates with self motivation, an entrepreneurial spirit, and who are looking for a business opportunity where you’re only limited by how much effort you’re willing to put in!


What experience or skills are need to become a CallOrange locksmith and alarm security technician?

While experience in the the locksmith and alarm security business is a plus it’s not absolutely necessary. For free, we will train the right candidates on how to do the work. It’s not rocket science and most jobs only require knowing how to use the right tools and equipment. We have a great team of highly-qualified and experienced technicians that you can work with while you learn.


How much does it cost and how much money can I make as a locksmith and alarm technician?

As an independent contractor you will need to have transportation and at least the basic tools and equipment to get started. The cost for equipment can vary widely but you can get started for as little as $3,000. As your business grows it’s recommended that you invest some money back into your business to purchase additional equipment that will enable you to do more jobs enabling you to make more money. Most technicians can expect to make over $75,000 per year! That’s a huge return on such a low investment and most technicians are actually profitable their very first month!


What services will I be providing?

CallOrange provides, locksmith, alarm & home automation services. Some of our technicians only provide locksmith services while others provide all the services we offer. The services you provide will depend on your level of skill, experience, and the tools you have to do the jobs. Most new technicians who are just learning the trade will start off providing car and home lockout services. A lockout is when someone has lost their keys or locked themselves out of their car or house. It may be just a matter of unlocking their car or it may require making new keys, or replacing auto ignitions or door locks. The alarm security & home automation installations require training on how to setup and install home security systems

Do I need to be licensed or certified to be a locksmith?

Here in the United States locksmith licence or certification requirements vary by state. Some states require a licence while other states don’t require or even offer locksmith licences. You’ll need to check with the state in which you will be working. It’s recommended that you take advantage of whatever training or certification options are available in the area you will be working. CallOrange offers free training for our partner technicians. How long that training takes is up to you based on how much time and effort you’re willing to invest, and how quickly you can learn.

How do I get started?

First you need to decide if this is the right opportunity for you.

  • Are you independent and self-motivated?
  • Are you great at communicating and working independently with customers?
  • Are you able to provide excellent customer service?
  • Are you available and flexible to travel?
  • Do you have the desire to learn?
  • Do you have a good driving record?
  • Are you willing to provide service on nights and weekends?

Contact Us!

If you meet these qualifications and think that this opportunity is right for you, contact us and get started right away!

  1. Send us an email with your basic information to
  2. After you have emailed us, call us at (480) 238-2140


Be your own boss

We look forward to hearing from you!

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