Home automation system

Beginners Guide to Home Automation

Home automation is the ability to access, control, program, and monitor the basic functions and electronic devices in your home automatically, via a control panel, or remotely through a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

Lights – Lighting control systems can automatically turn lights off or on, open and close window shades, or be programmed according to your schedule. You can remotely monitor and control your lights even when away from home. Away from home and forgot to turn off the light in the garage or turn on the outside lights?

Locks – Door locks can be set to automatically unlock as you approach or lock once you are a certain distance away. Away from home and not sure if you forgot to lock a door or need to let a neighbor in? Use your smartphone to remotely lock or unlock the door in your house.

Temperature – Smart thermostats can control temperature and humidity either automatically through sensors that monitor and adjust accordingly or through applications that enable you to adjust setting even when away from home.

Small Appliances – Appliance control modules enable to you to control home appliances such as lamps, coffee makers, and cloths irons. Left the house and realized you forgot to turn off the curling iron in the bathroom. Just use your phone app to turn it off!

While cost for individual automation devices may vary, entry into home automation is fairly affordable. And with CallOrange’s free equipment and installation special currently being offered, getting a home alarm and automation system is risk free! CallOrange also offers monitoring for half the price of most competitors at only $29.99 per month with NO annual contract!

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Security Benefits of Home Automation

We like to believe that we live in a safe and friendly world, but that isn’t always the truth. There are many people who are willing to destroy your home for a chance at making a quick profit. You worked hard to have the house of your dreams, and you do all you can to protect it. But thieves and burglars are only one of the issues that can be kept under control with a home automation system. There are many other benefits you can have if you choose to equip your home with this type of technology.

Additional security benefits of a home automation system

Door Locks –  How many times, while sitting in traffic or at your office, have you wonder whether or not you locked the door? There are days when you have so many on your mind that you can’t remember if you locked it or just left it open. With an automated door lock and remote mobile access you can check you can check your locks and lock them right from your phone or tablet. You can even receive notifications when someone enters the home, or if the door was locked by your children when they left for school.

Lights and Appliances – Lights that are left on, or even worse, a curling or clothes iron left on can not only mean a higher electricity bill but also increases the risk of short circuits, overheating, or a devastating home fire. With a home automation system, everything can be monitored and easily controlled right from your smartphone. You can check to see if any lights are on or if you have appliances running, you can turn the light off, or even turn them on around specific time schedules, to make it look like you are home. This will definitely discourage any burglar trying to break into your house.

Video Monitoring – Is the dog still in the yard, was a package left on the doorsteps? Live video monitoring can be used for more than catching burglars. Installing cameras that are connected to an automation and monitoring control system can also help you easily control what is happening in your house and yard when you are not home. You can then, from wherever you are, check your home and property by just using your mobile device. If something is happening, you will be able to see it in real time and take appropriate action.

A home automation systems gives you peace of mind knowing that that everything is in control, even if you are away from home, right at your fingertips. You can relax and enjoy your vacation more, work in peace, or run errands without worrying or rushing home, knowing that you can check on what is happening at home all the time.

A home automation and security system is now more affordable than ever! CallOrange is currently offering FREE equipment and installation! And with monitoring service for only $29.99 per month with NO annual contract, right now is the perfect time to have a system installed completely risk free! (more info)

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Home Door Security

5 Tips for Increasing Home Door Security

Tip #1 – Metal or solid wood door

The first defense in door security is to have a door that can’t be easily forced or kicked open. A strong solid wood door or metal door will make it difficult for a burglar to break through. As an additional layer of strength you can also install a steel security screen door on all exterior entryways.

Tip #2 – Door frame reinforcement

Most home doorways have a wood molding frame that can be easily broken. Installing metal reinforcement stripping around the frame along with hinge reinforcement and a heavy-duty strike plate can strengthen the frame preventing the door from being forced open.

Tip #3 – Deadbolt and high security locks

Installing a heavy-duty one-inch deadbolt (along with your reinforced door and frame) as a second lock along with a high-security rated door lock will help prevent burglars from picking or prying your locks open. Also, make sure there is minimal space between the door and frame to prevent the door from being pried open with a bar.

Tip #4 – Door jammers and bars

For extra protection while home or at night you can use security bars that either wedge against the door usually under the handle or a jammer that slides into place preventing the door from opening. On sliding doors it’s always recommended to place a bar behind the slider or/and install pin locks to prevent the door from opening. Remember that any device that keep people out may also trap you in an emergency. So always have an escape plan!

Tip #5 – Visual security

Video surveillance cameras and a simple peephole can both work as a burglar deterrents and as a security feature. Thieves approaching your home won’t be sure if they are being recorded or watched and may prefer to stay away. You also have the ability to see who is at your doorway without having to sacrifice security by opening the door before know who is there.

Want to increase your home security?

Install a home alarm & automation system. Monitor and control you video cameras, lighting, thermostat,  and receive security alerts all on your mobile device. Call us today about free equipment and installation with half price monitoring for only $29.99 per month with NO annual contract!

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Transponder Vehicle Key

What is a transponder car key?

I’m sure you are familiar with how a key works. On a vehicle you slide a key into the ignition lock and if the the cuts on the key match the pins in the lock it will then allow you to turn the key and start the car.

A transponder key adds an extra layer of security. Auto manufacturers first started using transponders about 20 years ago. Before transponders it was cheap and easy to duplicate a key or even use a very similar key to start a vehicle. Now even if you have a correctly cut key that allows you to turn the ignition on the car, if the transponder code does not match, the car will not start.

So what exactly is a transponder? Transponder simply means to transmit and respond. In addition to needing the correct key, vehicles now have two additional devices, a microchip within the key and an immobilizer in the vehicle. You key now has a tiny microchip, usually placed within the plastic part of the key, that has a code that when the key is turned in the ignition receives a small charge that then sends the code via radio frequency to the computer within your car that, if correct, will turn off the immobilizer and the engine will start. If no code is sent or if an incorrect code is sent, even if you can turn the key, the vehicle will not start.

The introduction of the transponder key, while not perfect, greatly increased auto security. But that technology has also increased the complexity and cost for auto keys. Instead of having a new key made for a few dollars down at the local hardware store you now need a key with a microchip that can be programed correctly to your vehicle. This make cost hundreds of dollars and a trip to your local dealership.

What are the options if you lose your transponder key?

As mentioned, you can always go to your auto dealership to have a new key made and programed but this can be very costly and time consuming. It’s recommended that you always have a spare key for emergency situations. But in emergency situations when no spare key is available, CallOrange can help. Our mobile technicians can be at your location usually within a matter of minutes. We have the equipment to make you new keys and program transponder keys on-the-spot! We can make high-security laser cut keys and even program keyless entry systems!


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Smart Home

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5 Tips for Easy DIY Home Window Security

Call Orange Home Security


Windows are probably the most vulnerable security point in your home. While you may only have two or three exterior doorways on your house with deadbolt locks and reinforced frames, you probably have many windows that most of the time may be left unlocked or even open. So what can you do to increase your home window security without imprisoning yourself or sacrificing comfort? Here are a few tips that may help:

Tip #1 – Window stickers

Window Security StickerA sticker can’t stop a burglar from entering your home but it may be just enough to make them think twice. Along with a yard sign, security stickers on your windows are an easy and affordable burglar deterrent. Place them in the lower corner right where someone from the outside will see them at eye level.

Tip #2 – Window film

Window Security FilmLaminated or tempered glass are probably the best option when choosing a window glass for home security but they can be expensive. A more affordable option without having to replace your windows is security window film. A do-it-yourself film that can be applied to your windows that will hold the glass together when broken. A thief may still be able to break through but the extra effort and noise may not be worth the risk!

Tip #3 – Window locks

Adjustable window lockIn addition to your standard window locks you can add adjustable locks that fit right into the window tracks. These locks can be used as an extra lock on the window or adjusted so you window can only be opened a few inches. Adjust them at a level wide enough to let fresh air in but low enough to keep thieves out!

Tip #4 – Window bars

Window security barI’m not talking about imprisoning yourself behind metal bars (although those are good for keeping people both in and out!) I’m talking about a single bar that can be wedged into the window frame to prevent the window from being opened. You can either measure and cut your own from a wooden dowel or you can purchase adjustable metal rods made specifically for this purpose. Bars work especially well on horizontally sliding windows and doors.

Tip #5 – Window alarms

Window alarmMost home security system will have window sensors that will sound an alarm when a window is opened. If a home security system is out of your budget or if you rent, an easy and affordable solution is small battery powered window alarms. These small devices stick to your window and frame and when a window is opened, the pieces separate activating a high-decibel alarm. Place them in a position so that they are not easily reached by a burglar who may have opened your window (not like this image!)


NOTE: Things that prevent burglars from getting into your home may also prevent you from getting out in an emergency! Be prepared, have a home emergency escape route planned!


Want to upgrade your home security? Get alarm monitoring and home automation, at great prices, with no contract*. Get a home or office alarm monitoring with a smart phone app for $29.99 +tax, and a full home automation, such as video, garage door, lighting and temperature control, for an additional $9.99 +tax per month. Call for restrictions and terms. Click here for more information >

How to re-key a Schlage lock

CallOrange locksmith technician demonstrates the rekeying of a Schlage lock.

If you moved into a new home, office space, had a turnover of employees, or just need to upgrade security, rather than replace your locks you can save time and money by rekeying the cylinder on your existing locks. A locksmith can rekey all your locks to work with a single key or setup a master key system so that certain keys will only work on specific door locks while  having a master key that can open all locks.

Master lock system

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Spare Key Treasure Hunt (just don’t make a map!)

Spare key treasure map

Under the welcome mat, above the door frame, inside a fake rock … we think we’re being clever when when it comes to hiding that spare house key but the reality is, if we’ve thought of it so have burglars!

In an ideal world we’d never forget our keys or lock ourselves out of the house (well, in an ideal world we wouldn’t need to lock out doors!) But If you’re like me it’s not a case of “if” I lock myself out but “when.” In that moment it’s great to know that the $35 ceramic garden gnome with a spare key holder was money well spent! Or was it?

When thieves prowl neighborhoods going house to house looking for an easy target, your garden gnome spare key holder just put your house at the top of the thieves easy target list! So what can you do to have your spare key and keep your house safe too?

Spare Key Treasure Hunt

Leave a key under the garden gnome, just not a key to your house! Leave a key to a locked shed, inside of which is another key to a locked toolbox or cabinet, inside of which you have hidden a spare key to your house. Even better is to make friends with a neighbor and leave the key to your house hidden in their shed! It’s a spare key treasure hunt that thieves would either not be able to figure out or not have the time to even try. Just don’t leave a map with an X marking the spot! 🙂

Make Friends with Your Neighbors

Another option to to leave a spare key with a neighbor or two. Make friends with neighbors you can trust and leave a spare key with them. You can also return the favor. An added benefit is that your neighbor can keep an eye on your house and access your house if needed while you’re away or on vacation.

Install a Keyless Entry System

Upgrade your home locks and security with a keyless entry system. There are affordable high security locks that can be easily installed that will allow access through either a keypad, fingerprint, or a phone app, some of which will even unlock your house as you walk up to the door without even taking the smartphone out of your pocket!

Whant more information about home automation and high-security locks that will increase the security of your home and safety of your family? Contact CallORange.com and we can review your options and provide you with a free estimate. Call us today at 480.823.8222.



If you need servicing for your safe, 24/7 pro locksmith  is the place to call. We are certified with many of the safe manufacturers to provide you the best and most knowledgeable service available.

When a dial starts to stick or gets hard to turn, that is a red flag that your safe needs to be serviced. Don’t wait until it’s too late!!! A regularly-scheduled service agreement is much more affordable then a safe lock-out. We can also upgrade your existing safe to electronic keypad locks. We offer safe servicing, combination changes, repairs and moving (relocating) of your safes.

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