Locksmith Training, Marketing, and Call Centers Services & Opportunity

Do you currently own a local services company looking for support or to expand? Are you an individual looking for a new career and start your own business? We provide training and business support for local service provider companies.

We offer à la carte services:

  • Training
  • Marketing Management
  • Unique Branding / Marketing
  • Call Center Services
  • Dispatching to multiple technicians (of yours)

We work with only one person/company per territory per service category – to ensure exclusivity and quality of services.


We train on all aspects of performing the work itself and managing a company.  Training is one-on-one, hands-on training, catered to the individual needs, and can include: how to perform the jobs, what equipment and inventory to buy, where to buy the equipment and inventory, how to sell the jobs to customers, how to advertise in a cost effective way, and how to manage the accounting, administration, recruiting and marketing aspects of the business.


We save you a lot of money by helping you advertise where advertising is cost effective.  We create websites, domains, and social media pages for your exclusive use, and help you set up accounts with google and other third party advertisers.

Unique Branding/ Marketing

Give you unique name for your business, logos, graphics, are work, branded marketing material.

Call Center Services

We answer the phones from clients, take the jobs and send you the work order.

Distribute Jobs to Multiple Technicians

If you have multiple technicians, we can receive work orders from advertising/promotion companies, and send them to your individual technicians, based on your priority list, GPS location of the techs, and the techs’ individual availability schedule.


  • Training: $995 includes 5+ days of hands on, one-on-one training.
  • Unique Branding/ Marketing: Names, logos: included.
  • Answering Services:
    • First 10 calls: $200 per week
    • Each additional 30 calls block: +$100 per week

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*see contract for details.  CallOrange reserves to refuse service to any individual or company, at it sole discretion. Services and prices are not offered without a written agreement of all fees, commitments and obligations of CallOrange and the client.

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