- Locksmith and Alarms in Tempe, AZ – Fast & Professional Locksmith Service in Tempe, Arizona!

24/7 automotive locksmith service. Locked out of your car? We provide emergency car locksmith services day and night, seven days a week. With a fast 15 minute response time* we can be at your location to open locked car doors, make new car keys, program FOB chip transponder car keys or make you duplicate car keys on-the-spot!

We also provide home residential locksmith services. We can open locked home doors, install new door lock handles and deadbolts. We also offer garage door service and can repair your broken or stuck garage door.  And, we can also install home alarm security systems with low monthly monitoring rates with no monthly contracts!

CallOrange offers professional commercial and office locksmith service. We can rekey door locks, create master keys systems, open locked safes and cabinets. We can also repair or install new push-bar door locks and handles.


    Fast 24/7 Emergency Service
    Car Lockouts
    Make New and Duplicate Car Keys
    Program Chip & Transponder Keys & FOBs
    House Lockouts & Residential Service
    Install & Repair Door Locks
    Home Alarms Installation & Monitoring
    Commercial Locksmith Services
    Rekey & Repair Locks
    Open Locked Safes & Cabinets
    Garage Door Repair & Service

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