CallOrange Locksmith Des Moines Iowa Now Providing 24 Hour Locksmith Service in Des Moines and Ames, Iowa

CallOrange Locksmith & Security has announced that they have started offering mobile lock & key service in the Greater Des Moines and Greater Ames area in Iowa.


DES MOINES, IowaJuly 27, 2016 –, LLC, a promotion company of locksmith, alarms, home automation and garage door repair services has announced that they have started providing mobile locksmith services in Iowa. “We’ve just started offering 24 hour locksmith service to the cities of Des Moines and Ames, Iowa and the surrounding cities within an approximate 50 mile radius.” says Yuvi Shmul, founder of Call Orange. CallOrange is currently just offering their auto locksmith, residential locksmith, and commercial business locksmith service to start but plans on expanding to promote their full range of services in the near future which includes home alarms, home automation systems and garage door service.

Call Orange stated that the expansion of service into Des Moines and Ames has been a smooth process with better than anticipated results due to TechTracker, a real-time locksmith technician GPS tracking system that was custom developed by CallOrange. “Our real-time GPS technician tracking system is an invaluable tool for instantly being able to locate available locksmiths in our service areas.” says Yuvi. “When a customer calls, this tool enables us to immediately find the closest technician to the customer and dispatch them to their location within minutes.”

In a mobile service industry where fast response time to a customer’s location is crucial for success, having a real-time tracking system in place and being able to send the closest technician with the right tools and qualifications to perform the job has been indispensable. “We’ve found that one of the biggest hurdles when expanding service into a new city is being able to efficiently route the technicians.” says Yuvi. “With the expertise and management tools we have in place we can effectively provide service to locksmith customers even in a new city with new independent technicians.”

CallOrange is now actively seeking new independent contractor partners in Iowa and cities across the United States. If you are a locksmith technician or any highly motivated individual who may be seeking a new career with high income potential, you are encouraged to contact for more information.



About and 24/7 Pro Locksmith, LLC LLC is a promotion company of locksmith, alarms, and home automation services, based in Tempe, Arizona. The Kia Soul wrapped vehicles of CallOrange can be seeing driving over 1,000,000 miles a year in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Tucson, Arizona and now in Des Moines and Ames, Iowa. 24/7 Pro Locksmith, LLC is an alarm, locksmith and home automation company, which passes over 20,000 service jobs a year. All jobs are performed by trained independent contractor technicians.