Turn your home into an automated smart home for FREE!

Smart Home

Now is the perfect time to turn your home into an automated smart home! CallOrange.com is offering a limited time special of FREE equipment and installation to upgrade your home into a fully automated smart home!

control panel smart thermostatFree equipment

CallOrange is now offering the latest and most popular home automation system! Included is a touch-screen control panel, smart thermostat, video security cameras, door locks, windows sensors, and more!

Free Installation

CallORange is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all your home security and automation needs! Call us now and we can have a technician at your house at your house today! And for all new customers, installation of a full home automation system is free!

Alarm monitoring*

CallOrange uses Alarm.com for your home monitoring needs. Keep your home and family safe with 24/7 emergency response, tamper-resistant technology, real-time alerts, even when the system is disarmed!

Alarm-com_AppMobile & tablet app control*

Access and control your entire home from your phone or tablet! View the status of your home from a single screen, control all your connected devices, watch love or recorded video, receive instant alerts if something happens, setup custom alerts and Smart Schedules. Available for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, even your Apple watch!

½ the price of our competitors*

*For live alarm monitoring and mobile apps, at only $9.99 or $29.99 per month, CallOrange is half the price of most of our competitors! And the best part is that it’s month-to-month with NO annual contract!

No contract = risk free!

With FREE equipment, installation, and no contract there is absolutely no risk! Give us a call today and you can sleep easy tonight knowing that your home and family is safer with a home automation system you can count on!


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