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CallOrange.com expanding locksmith service throughout the Southwestern United States

CallOrange has announced plans to immediately start expanding their locksmith and security services beyond their current Arizona service area and into New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado.


TEMPE, Ariz.Dec. 1, 2015PRLog — CallOrange.com, LLC, a promotion company of locksmith, alarms, and home automation services has announced that they are planning on expanding their locksmith and security services into New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. CallOrange, a promoter of locksmith services in the Metro Phoenix area, recently tested their ability to expand into a new market by offering service in Tucson, the second most populous city in Arizona located approximately 100 miles south of their dispatch center in Tempe, Arizona.

CallOrange has stated that the expansion of service into Tucson was an extremely smooth process with much better than anticipated results due to their new technician tracking system. “Our new real-time GPS tech locator system has quickly become an invaluable tool for providing excellent service.” says Yuvi Shmul, founder of Call Orange. “This tool has enabled us to provide faster services for our customers, increased routing efficiency for our dispatchers which, in turn, has allowed our locksmith technicians to be more profitable by completing more jobs with less travel.”

In an industry where quick service to a customer is imperative for success, being able to send the closest technician with the right tools and qualifications to perform the job is crucial. The new “TechTracker”application that CallOrange has developed is a GPS map system that enables customers and CallOrange dispatchers to see on a map where all available locksmith technician are located at any time, day or night. Having this information means that a dispatcher can quickly locate and send the closest available technician to the customer’s location.

“One of the biggest hurdles when expanding service into a new city is being able to efficiently route the technicians.” says Yuvi. “Our testing of this new map locator system during the expansion into Tucson has eliminated this hurdle. We can now confidently expand service beyond Arizona into surrounding states. We have the jobs, now we just need the technicians to do the work.”

CallOrange is now actively seeking new locksmith technicians in all major cities throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. Any interested locksmith technicians in Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, and Denver, or any highly motivated individual who is looking for a new career with high income potential, is encouraged to contact CallOrange for more information.

For more information visit: www.callorange.com/about-us/business-opportunity/

Real-Time TechTracker: www.CallOrange.net

About CallOrange.com and 24/7 Pro Locksmith, LLC

CallOrange.com LLC is a promotion company of locksmith, alarms, and home automation services, based in Metro Phoenix, Arizona. The Kia Soul wrapped vehicles of CallOrange can be seeing driving over 1,000,000 miles a year in Mesa, Apache Junction, Tempe, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Levine, Carefree, Maricopa, and Tucson, Arizona. 24/7 Pro Locksmith, LLC is an alarm, locksmith and home automation company, which passes over 20,000 service jobs a year. All jobs are performed by trained independent contractor technicians.


2GIG Go!Control Home Security & Automation System


Unboxing the 2GIG Go!Control Home Security & Automation System

Go!Control Panel

2GIG Go!Control Home Security and Automation Panel
2GIG Go!Contol Panel

This the Go!Control Security & Automation System by 2GIG. It’s an all-in-one home security and home management system.

The Go!Control has built-in Z-Wave RF Protocol meaning that you can wirelessly control your lighting, thermostat, appliances, door locks and other Z-Wave compatible devices. With its GSM cellular radio connectivity through a service provider, you can also monitor and control your home and receive alerts through your computer or mobile device.

The panel has a large, easy-to-use color touchscreen interface, a speaker that sounds alarms and notifications such as system status and zone descriptions. There is also a large Home button that takes you back to the main screen and a large Emergency button that can be used for police, fire or medical emergency.

The Go!Control panel enables you to monitor and control up to 48 wireless zones, 2 hardwired zones and up to 32 user codes. It also displays the current date, time and weather conditions.

2GIG Go!Control User Guide and Manual
2GIG Go!Control Panel User Guide

Quick Programming Guide and User Manual

Included in the box is a larger single-sheet, double-sided startup guide that has a lit of all Voice Descriptor, Equipment Codes and programming guide on how to get started and program your devices such as video cameras, thermostat and sensors.

The User Guide shows you how to use the features of the panel touch-screen interface. The guide comes in three languages, (English, French and Spanish.

AC Power Adapter

2GIG Go!Control AC Power Adapter
2GIG Go!Control Panel AC Power Adapter

The panel comes with an AC power adapter but you will need to wire the adapter to the panel yourself. Note that it does NOT come with any wires so you will need to purchase wire separately from your local hardware store.

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Locksmith Location Tracker

Call Orange to launch a mobile site for real-time availability of locksmith technicians nearby

Today, CallOrange.com, has announced that it has launched the first mobile website that allows customers to see the real-time availability of locksmith technicians who are nearby, and can show up quickly to help customers with their locksmith needs.


TEMPE, Ariz.Nov. 10, 2015PRLog — Today, CallOrange.com, a promotion company of locksmith, alarms and home automation, has announced that it has launched the first mobile website that allows customers to see the real-time availability of locksmith technicians who are nearby, and can show up quickly to help customers with their emergency locksmith needs.

24/7 Pro Locksmith LLC is a locksmith and alarm company in Arizona. 24/7 Pro Locksmith LLC is already passing nearly 20,000 locksmith jobs a year to independent contractor technicians in metro Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. According to Yuvi Shmul, the founder of Call Orange, “this is the first mobile website that allows customers to see the locations of the closest locksmith technicians who are available, willing and ready to help the customers with their locksmith and security needs.” CallOrange has recently introduced its services to the Tucson, Arizona market, and the company is planning to expand its services nationwide.

Although there are no shortage of advertising, promotion and directory-type companies out there, CallOrange.com believes that their operation is unique. Many other advertising companies capture the information of the clients and send the information to multiple service providers. In turn, the customers get bombarded with calls from multiple technicians. When customers choose to call different companies directly, many companies promote their services based on their location, but their technicians may not be immediately available. Call Orange was designed to allow the customers to communicate with one company, and get the help of a nearby technician, who is available and ready to provide any lockouts and locksmith services.

Real-Time TechTracker: www.CallOrange.net