Locksmith Training Program

In-Person Locksmith Training Program

Want to expand your locksmith business service offerings? We provide in-person, one-on-one training in Metro Phoenix, AZ.

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  • Hands-On Locksmith Training
  • Marketing & Management Support
  • Locksmith Business Support
Locksmith Training Program

Hands-on classroom training in Phoenix, AZ to expand your locksmith skill sets.


Google PPC & Guaranteed setup & management and call answering service.


Grow your locksmith business with our nationwide support services!


Hands-on classroom training with experienced teachers and all equipment needed for use during training.

  • 4 Days of Classroom and On-The-Job Training in Metro Phoenix, AZ
  • Approx. 8 Hours Per Day
  • Total Cost Only $995

To get started, send us a text and tell us your name and that you are interested in our Locksmith Training Course. Then give us call for more information and to schedule your training.

In-Person Locksmith Training Program

Auto, Home & Commercial

Learn what you need! We provide in-person training for automotive, residential and commercial locksmith services. From simple car and home lockouts and lock changes to more advanced car key replacement and business access control services.

Hands-On Training

Learn from experienced locksmiths! Are you a beginner just getting started in your locksmith career or are you an experienced locksmith looking to expand your skills? We offer up to 40 hours of hands-on, on the job training!

Tools of the Trade

You need the right tools for the job! During training you’ll have access to and be trained on all the tools you’ll need to do the job right. We help you decide what tools you’ll need to get started. And, as you expand your skills, so will your need for the latest locksmith technology. We’ll show you what locksmith tools to buy and where to get the best deals.

Locksmith Business Support

We help you get jobs! It’s not enough just to know how to do a job, you also must know how to get the jobs! Locksmith marketing and advertising is very competitive. We teach and show you how to market your business and the best advertising opportunities to help you get the most jobs at the best value.


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