Free Home Alarm and Automation System announces ½ Price Alarm Security & Home Automation has announced they are offering “no risk” entry into the home security and home automation market with no installation fees, free equipment and half price, month-to-month, no annual contract on security monitoring services.

PRLog – Aug. 13, 2015TEMPE, Ariz. —, LLC, a promotion company of locksmith, alarms, and home automation services has announced that they are now offering home alarm security monitoring service at half the price of their competitors. “Our recent expansion of home security installation service throughout the Phoenix Metro area and partnership agreements with one of the top security monitoring companies in the US has enabled us to offer security monitoring service at a deeply discounted rate.” says Yuvi Shmul, owner and founder of “With the free equipment and installation special we are currently offering combined with the month-to-month, no annual contract monitoring service, we’re providing home owners a risk free entry into the home security and automation market.”

With the home security and home automation market already topping 5.7 billion per year globally with expected growth to reach almost 13 billion by 2020*, the service offerings and equipment technology now available becoming more affordable and accessible. Still, monthly service contract rates can run as high as $100 per month with startup installation and equipment fees in excess of $1,000. is in position to bring the barriar of entry down with zero upfront costs and no contract on monthly monitoring rates of only $29.99 per month. “We’re focusing on the long term goal of providing ongoing quality service rather than high upfront costs.” Says Yuvi Shmul. “This approach provides homeowners an opportunity to try out a great product and service with absolutely no risk.”

The equipment for home alarm security and home automation that CallOrange offers includes a color touch-screen control panel that is tamper-proof due its use of cellular technology rather than a traditional phone line that burglars could access and cut from outside the home. A smart thermostat that can be programmed or controlled remotely by a mobile app. Wireless smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors that can be programed to send alerts to a mobile phone to notify the home owner of potential problems even when away from the home. Window and door sensors, video surveillance cameras, motion detectors, garage door receivers and more.

*Industry financial reports are based on a Markets and Markets report published in January 2015. Equipment and monitoring services are provided by COPS monitoring and with each company servicing over 1,000,000 customers.


About and 24/7 Pro Locksmith, LLC LLC is a promotion company of locksmith, alarms, and home automation services, based in metro- Phoenix, Arizona. The Kia Soul wrapped vehicles of CallOrange can be seeing driving over 1,000,000 miles a year in Mesa, Apache Junction, Tempe, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Levine, Carefree and Maricopa, Arizona. 24/7 Pro Locksmith, LLC is an alarm, locksmith and home automation company, which passes about service 20,000 jobs a year. All jobs are performed by trained independent contractor technicians.

Turn your home into an automated smart home for FREE!

Smart Home

Now is the perfect time to turn your home into an automated smart home! is offering a limited time special of FREE equipment and installation to upgrade your home into a fully automated smart home!

control panel smart thermostatFree equipment

CallOrange is now offering the latest and most popular home automation system! Included is a touch-screen control panel, smart thermostat, video security cameras, door locks, windows sensors, and more!

Free Installation

CallORange is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all your home security and automation needs! Call us now and we can have a technician at your house at your house today! And for all new customers, installation of a full home automation system is free!

Alarm monitoring*

CallOrange uses for your home monitoring needs. Keep your home and family safe with 24/7 emergency response, tamper-resistant technology, real-time alerts, even when the system is disarmed!

Alarm-com_AppMobile & tablet app control*

Access and control your entire home from your phone or tablet! View the status of your home from a single screen, control all your connected devices, watch love or recorded video, receive instant alerts if something happens, setup custom alerts and Smart Schedules. Available for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, even your Apple watch!

½ the price of our competitors*

*For live alarm monitoring and mobile apps, at only $9.99 or $29.99 per month, CallOrange is half the price of most of our competitors! And the best part is that it’s month-to-month with NO annual contract!

No contract = risk free!

With FREE equipment, installation, and no contract there is absolutely no risk! Give us a call today and you can sleep easy tonight knowing that your home and family is safer with a home automation system you can count on!


5 Tips for Easy DIY Home Window Security

Call Orange Home Security


Windows are probably the most vulnerable security point in your home. While you may only have two or three exterior doorways on your house with deadbolt locks and reinforced frames, you probably have many windows that most of the time may be left unlocked or even open. So what can you do to increase your home window security without imprisoning yourself or sacrificing comfort? Here are a few tips that may help:

Tip #1 – Window stickers

Window Security StickerA sticker can’t stop a burglar from entering your home but it may be just enough to make them think twice. Along with a yard sign, security stickers on your windows are an easy and affordable burglar deterrent. Place them in the lower corner right where someone from the outside will see them at eye level.

Tip #2 – Window film

Window Security FilmLaminated or tempered glass are probably the best option when choosing a window glass for home security but they can be expensive. A more affordable option without having to replace your windows is security window film. A do-it-yourself film that can be applied to your windows that will hold the glass together when broken. A thief may still be able to break through but the extra effort and noise may not be worth the risk!

Tip #3 – Window locks

Adjustable window lockIn addition to your standard window locks you can add adjustable locks that fit right into the window tracks. These locks can be used as an extra lock on the window or adjusted so you window can only be opened a few inches. Adjust them at a level wide enough to let fresh air in but low enough to keep thieves out!

Tip #4 – Window bars

Window security barI’m not talking about imprisoning yourself behind metal bars (although those are good for keeping people both in and out!) I’m talking about a single bar that can be wedged into the window frame to prevent the window from being opened. You can either measure and cut your own from a wooden dowel or you can purchase adjustable metal rods made specifically for this purpose. Bars work especially well on horizontally sliding windows and doors.

Tip #5 – Window alarms

Window alarmMost home security system will have window sensors that will sound an alarm when a window is opened. If a home security system is out of your budget or if you rent, an easy and affordable solution is small battery powered window alarms. These small devices stick to your window and frame and when a window is opened, the pieces separate activating a high-decibel alarm. Place them in a position so that they are not easily reached by a burglar who may have opened your window (not like this image!)


NOTE: Things that prevent burglars from getting into your home may also prevent you from getting out in an emergency! Be prepared, have a home emergency escape route planned!


Want to upgrade your home security? Get alarm monitoring and home automation, at great prices, with no contract*. Get a home or office alarm monitoring with a smart phone app for $29.99 +tax, and a full home automation, such as video, garage door, lighting and temperature control, for an additional $9.99 +tax per month. Call for restrictions and terms. Click here for more information >