car key replacement

24/7 Fast Mobile Car Key Replacement

Replacement Car Keys

Fast, mobile car locksmiths available now to cut and program replacement keys for your car, truck or SUV!

Lost Car Keys? Car Key Replacement and Key Duplication

Don’t get locked out! CallOrange provides fast mobile car key cutting, key duplication and programming. We can make you new car keys or duplicate and program existing keys so you always have a spare. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency auto locksmith services. We can open your locked vehicle doors quickly and make new car keys for different vehicle makes and models.

Transponder Car Keys and Computer Chip Keys

Need a transponder key replacement or program Key FOB? We can replace your high security car keys with a new door lock remote and program the computer chip for you. Don’t take time out of your day to go to the dealership, wait for an appointment or pay car dealer prices. Our mobile locksmith technicians come to your home, work, or wherever you are at a time that is convenient for you. We can laser cut you new key on the spot and program it for you.

Car lock repair and replacement

Worn out or stuck car door locks? Our mobile car locksmiths can also repair or replace your car door locks, repair broken trunk locks or extract broken keys from a lock. We can also fix or replace broken ignition cylinders.


CallOrange Mobile Auto Locksmith Services

  • Available 24/7
  • Fast 15 minute response time*
  • Car key replacement
  • Make new car keys
  • Car key duplication
  • Electronic keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Keyless remotes
  • Keyless entry
  • Company vehicle keys
  • Key FOB
  • Computer chip keys
  • Program car keys
  • Make new spare key
  • Valet key
  • Car ignition repair
  • Open locked doors
  • Key extraction
  • Car door lock repair
  • Car door lock rekey
  • Gas cap lock repair
  • Glove compartment lock repair

How to rekey a door lock

What is Lock Rekeying and How to Rekey a Door Lock

What does rekeying a lock mean?

Rekeying a lock is simply the process of changing the pins and springs in the cylinder of an existing lock. Over time and use the springs and pins can become worn and cause the lock to stop working, become difficult to turn with the key, or even become so worn out that the lock can be open with any key that fits into the cylinder.

What are the benefits of rekeying a lock?

There are a couple benefits to rekeying a lock. The first benefit is cost. A professional locksmith can determine if you need to completely replace a lock or if it can simply be rekeyed. Rekeying is just changing the pins and springs in the lock cylinder which is quicker and cheaper than replacing the entire lock. The second benefit is that you can rekey the lock to work with your existing keys or rekey all your locks to work with a single master key.

How do you rekey a lock?

To rekey a lock you will need a kit for your specific lock brand. You’ll need top pins, bottom pins, cylinder follower, remover, gauge detector, springs, and other tools for removing the lock and reinstalling it.  Rekeying involves removing the lock cylinder and replacing the pins and springs to match the cuts in your key. Below is a video in which a CallOrange locksmith technician demonstrates the process:

If you would like to have a professional rekey your door locks and deadbolts for you, give CallOrange a call today; we’re available 24 hours a day! We can rekey your locks, create master key systems and provide discounts for rekeying of multiple locks.

How to get started in Home Automation

What is Home Automation & How To Get Started

What is home automation?

Home automation enables you to control your household features such as lighting, temperature, security and more all through a single control panel or internet device such as your smart phone, table or computer. Beside just convenience of having control f your home through a single device, automation can save you money by improving your home’s efficiency and security.

How do you get started with home automation?

The great thing about getting started with home automation is that you can start small and it can be done affordably while still providing great benefits. When setting up your home automation system you can start with just the basics and over time add on to your system as needed. A basic home automation and security system usually starts with a control panel (you can usually also use a computer, table and/or smart phone), door and window sensors for alarm security and a smart thermostat for temperature control. These devices are relatively affordable and can either be set up by yourself or quickly and easily by an installation professional. Just these few basic devices will enable you to secure your home, monitor activity and control temperature such as being able to turning up your heat or air conditioning minute before you arrive home.

After your basic home automation system is set up you can then add additional devices such as video cameras, smart smoke and heat detectors, smart carbon monoxide detectors, smart light bulbs that enable you to set timers or control your lighting from your phone. You can also install smart electronic door locks that can open doors automatically when you approach the door with your Bluetooth device or create custom key codes that you can use to track who comes and goes and to provide for visitors that can automatically change or expire on a specific day and time.

There lot’s of information to help you get started in setting up your home automation system. You can check out this article about “10 Expert Tips For Building Your Automated Smart Home” for additional information or give us a call here at and we can answer your questions and schedule a professional home automation installation appointment today!

CallOrange Locksmith Des Moines Iowa Now Providing 24 Hour Locksmith Service in Des Moines and Ames, Iowa

CallOrange Locksmith & Security has announced that they have started offering mobile lock & key service in the Greater Des Moines and Greater Ames area in Iowa.


DES MOINES, IowaJuly 27, 2016 –, LLC, a promotion company of locksmith, alarms, home automation and garage door repair services has announced that they have started providing mobile locksmith services in Iowa. “We’ve just started offering 24 hour locksmith service to the cities of Des Moines and Ames, Iowa and the surrounding cities within an approximate 50 mile radius.” says Yuvi Shmul, founder of Call Orange. CallOrange is currently just offering their auto locksmith, residential locksmith, and commercial business locksmith service to start but plans on expanding to promote their full range of services in the near future which includes home alarms, home automation systems and garage door service.

Call Orange stated that the expansion of service into Des Moines and Ames has been a smooth process with better than anticipated results due to TechTracker, a real-time locksmith technician GPS tracking system that was custom developed by CallOrange. “Our real-time GPS technician tracking system is an invaluable tool for instantly being able to locate available locksmiths in our service areas.” says Yuvi. “When a customer calls, this tool enables us to immediately find the closest technician to the customer and dispatch them to their location within minutes.”

In a mobile service industry where fast response time to a customer’s location is crucial for success, having a real-time tracking system in place and being able to send the closest technician with the right tools and qualifications to perform the job has been indispensable. “We’ve found that one of the biggest hurdles when expanding service into a new city is being able to efficiently route the technicians.” says Yuvi. “With the expertise and management tools we have in place we can effectively provide service to locksmith customers even in a new city with new independent technicians.”

CallOrange is now actively seeking new independent contractor partners in Iowa and cities across the United States. If you are a locksmith technician or any highly motivated individual who may be seeking a new career with high income potential, you are encouraged to contact for more information.



About and 24/7 Pro Locksmith, LLC LLC is a promotion company of locksmith, alarms, and home automation services, based in Tempe, Arizona. The Kia Soul wrapped vehicles of CallOrange can be seeing driving over 1,000,000 miles a year in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Tucson, Arizona and now in Des Moines and Ames, Iowa. 24/7 Pro Locksmith, LLC is an alarm, locksmith and home automation company, which passes over 20,000 service jobs a year. All jobs are performed by trained independent contractor technicians.

garage door repair Now Offering Garage Door Repair Service Nationwide

TEMPE, Ariz.April 5, 2016PRLog —, LLC, a promotion company of locksmith, alarms and home automation has announced that they have expanded their promotional service offerings to include garage door repair services. Based in the Metro Phoenix area, CallOrange has rapidly grown their mobile locksmith and security services throughout Arizona and have recently expanded their service offerings nationwide.

A promoter of 24/7 mobile services, CallOrange’s focus is on fast customer response time, professional service and high customer satisfaction. Their custom GPS “Tech-Tracker”system allows CallOrange to locate and dispatch the closest available and qualified technician to a customer’s location. “Our technician tracker tool has enabled us to maximize efficiency, service customers faster and has made it possible for technicians to complete more jobs with less travel time.” Says Yuvi Shmul, founder of CallOrange. “With this system in place we were able pass over 20,000 jobs last year to independent contractors in Arizona alone.” With this effective and easily expandable system already in place says that providing quality garage door repair service is a logical next step in the expansion of their mobile service offerings.

By passing jobs to qualified independent contractors CallOrange will be able to offer a wide variety of garage door services such as emergency broken garage door repair, fix bent door tracks, replace broken springs and cables, troubleshoot and repair broken garage door motors, program new garage door remote openers and more. is now actively seeking new garage door technicians in all major cities throughout Arizona and nationwide. With jobs available and the mobile dispatch system already in place CallOrange is now looking for qualified independent technicians with whom they can partner. Any interested and qualified garage door technicians in Phoenix, Tucson, Colorado Springs, Denver, Seattle and Portland or any highly motivated individuals nationwide who are looking for a new career with high income potential, are encouraged to contact CallOrange for more information.

You can contact CallOrange by visiting their website at or by calling toll free (855) 722-1144

About LLC is a promotion company of locksmith, alarms and home automation, and garage door services based in Metro Phoenix, Arizona. The Kia Soul wrapped vehicles of CallOrange can be seeing driving over 1,000,000 miles a year in Mesa, Apache Junction, Tempe, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Levine, Carefree, Maricopa, and Tucson, Arizona. 24/7 Pro Locksmith, LLC is an alarm, locksmith and home automation company, which passes over 20,000 service jobs a year. All jobs are performed by trained independent contractor technicians.


PRLog – Now Offering Garage Door Repair Service Nationwide

Mobile Mini Storage lockout service

Mobile Mini Portable Storage Container Lockout Service

Portable storage lockers are an effective and convenient way to protect valuables for both your business and home. High-security units such as Mobile-Mini’s “patented Tri-Cam Locking System® provides bank vault security” for your valuable possessions and protects them from would-be thieves. But, what do you do when your high-security portable storage container is keeping you out?

CallOrange Locksmith services is your answer!

Mobile Mini Storage lockout service

Our professional locksmith technicians are available 24/7 and only minutes away to assist you. We can open locked units, drill locks, cut locks, pick locks and then install new locks for you. Whether you lost the keys to your car and need to make new keys, are locked out of your home, locked out of your business safe or locked out of your portable secure containment unit and are unable to open it – we’re there to help!

Call us now at (480) 823-8222