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Security Benefits of Home Automation

We like to believe that we live in a safe and friendly world, but that isn’t always the truth. There are many people who are willing to destroy your home for a chance at making a quick profit. You worked hard to have the house of your dreams, and you do all you can to protect it. But thieves and burglars are only one of the issues that can be kept under control with a home automation system. There are many other benefits you can have if you choose to equip your home with this type of technology.

Additional security benefits of a home automation system

Door Locks –  How many times, while sitting in traffic or at your office, have you wonder whether or not you locked the door? There are days when you have so many on your mind that you can’t remember if you locked it or just left it open. With an automated door lock and remote mobile access you can check you can check your locks and lock them right from your phone or tablet. You can even receive notifications when someone enters the home, or if the door was locked by your children when they left for school.

Lights and Appliances – Lights that are left on, or even worse, a curling or clothes iron left on can not only mean a higher electricity bill but also increases the risk of short circuits, overheating, or a devastating home fire. With a home automation system, everything can be monitored and easily controlled right from your smartphone. You can check to see if any lights are on or if you have appliances running, you can turn the light off, or even turn them on around specific time schedules, to make it look like you are home. This will definitely discourage any burglar trying to break into your house.

Video Monitoring – Is the dog still in the yard, was a package left on the doorsteps? Live video monitoring can be used for more than catching burglars. Installing cameras that are connected to an automation and monitoring control system can also help you easily control what is happening in your house and yard when you are not home. You can then, from wherever you are, check your home and property by just using your mobile device. If something is happening, you will be able to see it in real time and take appropriate action.

A home automation systems gives you peace of mind knowing that that everything is in control, even if you are away from home, right at your fingertips. You can relax and enjoy your vacation more, work in peace, or run errands without worrying or rushing home, knowing that you can check on what is happening at home all the time.

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